Friday, April 8, 2011


Rocket is starting to take off.  One man is holding the key to success and hugging people's hope. The journey starts and the gate of destiny is opened. He starts to leave all his family, friends, pet, sambal belacan, phone and others. Dialogue of monologue appear in his mind saying Should i carry this hope alone? second box appear. Get On. Nothing you will lose out there. Then he keep his mind. " I should Go!". layer of layer of ozone, time of time passing by. He keeps smiling and tears of grateful fall through his eyes. Stars, large perspective of sky and even the mother earth is magnify from his eyes. Later, he aware that not all thing human can discover together. Sometimes human should run from human sight itself. After a few month, he return to step the land of earth. many people rushly get him and ask many type of question. "Can you explain what you have been through from outer space?". He answer that question thinkless." I've through countless thing even your mind can't explain". "Then how you can share your experience with us?.The question mark man ask."Go by yourself". "How? We cant afford it."
"I'll give the answer..........."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kejayaan Zulkifflie Rodzli

Call Me Back

i start to feel something different about my life
keep loading to find someone
time is keeping me stress
cloud become darker
sunlight became dimmer
what should i do?
suicide? or pretending to suicide?
nothing different about both words above
except a bullshit statement.

i feel dull like a bald want to grow their hair
feel stupid like a cow trying to learn add math
fell emptiness like a cactus on dessert
but i'm still convincing myself
know wat i mean by that?
still bullshitting.
who the heck i want to show my greatness? daaa
hell daa!
right now my life is no different
like the rubbish film which created by
rejected unknown director.

now, dewa penyair is just a dewa with no color
but still the master of opportunist like always
still selling the cheap propaganda
still love to walk along the road
still hoping